Wide range of projects.


Industrial survey

This is an example of industrial applications in surveying.  Verifying elevations, machine control points, crain rail alignments, column lines, and anchor bolts.  In this scenario we were tasked with confirming the specifications for an overhead lift for the distance between two elevated rails, the elevation of the two rails, and the parallelism between them.


Boundary survey

This is an example of a residential boundary survey.  We coordinated with the city planning department to provide a copy of the survey, and preliminary version of a subdivision, and a final copy of the subdivision for recording.  We located the existing house and improvements, staked for a new detention pond, and set the new lot property corners.


Engineering/Topographic survey

This is an example of engineering applications in surveying.  Providing topography and details in underground utilities to correct drainage issues.  We were tasked with providing the location, depth, and sizes of all existing underground drain pipes in addition to any other utilities that would affect the design of the new field.